Valuation Advisory

Completing a business valuation can provide you with a deeper understanding of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, risks and growth opportunities. Valuations are often used by shareholders and their advisors to make decisions that have significant financial implications. Mariner Capital Advisors can provide accurate, reliable and defensible valuations for a variety of purposes.

If you are interested in our sell-side investment banking services, you can learn more here.

We provide valuations for all stages of your company’s lifecycle. Whether you want to acquire a company, raise capital, increase the value of your business, recapitalize or prepare for the eventual sale of your company, a business valuation is a critical component.

Our certified valuation professionals have extensive valuation, accounting, finance, economics, taxation and real-world transaction expertise. By applying multiple disciplines to our analysis of your company, we produce valuation opinions that most closely reflect current market conditions.

Our transaction services include:

We provide independent, defensible business valuations for tax reporting and compliance purposes. Our business valuation reports are highly detailed and thoroughly reviewed by experienced professionals within our company. We document our methodologies and provide clear and robust support for our conclusions. As a result, our business valuations consistently meet tax reporting requirements and withstand IRS scrutiny. Our tax related valuation services include:

Financial reporting standards are becoming increasingly complex and organizations must be able to provide accurate financial information to shareholders, auditors, creditors, and regulatory bodies. Mariner Capital Advisors delivers business valuation expertise to help you satisfy stringent financial reporting requirements.

Our valuation professionals are well-versed in fair value reporting rules and have assisted clients ranging from publicly traded companies and financial institutions to private equity firms and start-ups.

We provide business valuations for the following financial reporting purposes:

When legal disputes involving your company arise, our valuation and forensic professionals can collaborate with you and your attorney by providing litigation support and expert witness testimony. We have extensive experience assisting with cases involving:

We have testified in numerous court proceedings and have successfully defended our own valuation reports and scrutinized the reports of opposing expert witnesses. Our professionals have worked with both plaintiffs and defendants and helped our clients in many cases.