How Valuation Experts Can Assist Attorneys

Attorneys typically bring in valuation experts to resolve disputes between shareholders and other stakeholders of companies. While valuation experts can help settle such disputes by providing an independent opinion of value, valuation experts can also assist attorneys and their clients in a number of ways, such as:

Discovery assistance

Parties in a legal proceeding undertake voluminous document discovery and production. Business records become crucial to a number of issues in most cases including disputes and fraud. Valuation experts can assist in finding, understanding, and explaining the information from these documents. Valuation experts can also direct attorneys towards what documents should be requested in the discovery process.

Deposition assistance

Valuation experts have experience analyzing businesses across all sectors and industries. This background makes them ideal to assist attorneys in drafting technical business questions for depositions, as well as in interpreting and scrutinizing deposition responses.

Opposing expert review

Valuation experts are often requested to analyze an opposing expert’s work to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, valuation experts can assist attorneys in drafting technical questions for the deposition of the opposing expert.

Collection and organization of business facts

Valuation experts can research and collect related business information from industry and market sources.

Strategy development

Valuation experts can provide valuable insight into the best method to approach a business issue in a particular case. Identification of the critical business issues by a third-party expert can result in a unique and fresh view of the business case.

Expert witness testimony

Valuation experts commonly provide expert witness testimony to provide explanation and additional insight into their opinions documented in their valuation or calculation of damages report.

The above is just a sampling of the ways in which valuation and financial professionals can assist attorneys in their various litigation proceedings. Mariner Capital Advisors has provided analysis and expert testimony in numerous legal proceedings including shareholder disputes, divorce, fraudulent conveyance, fraud, lost profits claims, economic damage claims, and contract defaults among others.


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