Supporting M&A Transactions Behind The Scenes


One of Foulston Siefkin’s long-time clients, an aerospace components manufacturer, wanted to sell his business and engaged Foulston Siefkin to facilitate the process. Foulston Siefkin has extensive M&A legal expertise, but does not have the resources and network traditionally provided by a middle market M&A advisory firm. Specifically, Foulston Siefkin needed help preparing the appropriate marketing materials, reaching out to interested buyers, and managing buyer correspondence for its aerospace client.


Foulston Siefkin engaged Mariner Capital Advisors to provide back office M&A support functions so that it could manage the sale process on behalf of its long-term client. Mariner Capital Advisors prepared the necessary marketing materials to solicit interest from buyers, including a confidential information memorandum, professional video, confidential profile, and buyer list. All of these materials were branded under the Foulston Siefkin name. Additionally, we created introductory letters and completed mailings to prospective buyers on behalf of Foulston Siefkin. To further assist Foulston Siefkin in facilitating the process, we gave them administrator access to our proprietary buyer management system, Clear Deal. Using this system, Foulston Siefkin could track potential buyers’ actions throughout the sale process, including their access to marketing materials and their correspondence activities.


Through our buyer search efforts, Foulston Siefkin’s aerospace client attracted the attention of several dozen private equity and strategic buyer candidates. By using our ClearDeal system, Foulston Siefkin was able to identify the candidates’ level of interest in the business and manage the distribution of the confidential marketing materials to the most serious inquirers. With the help of Mariner Capital Advisors, Foulston Siefkin was able to solicit bids from multiple buyers, and eventually received an offer that met their client’s long-term expectations. The support we provided helped Foulston Siefkin facilitate a faster, more effective M&A process by speeding up the marketing process, reaching a larger buyer network and providing an efficient buyer management solution.


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