Evaluating An Investment Opportunity


A business owner was contacted by a company in his industry looking to grow through outside investors. The company wanted the business owner to either invest in their growing business or merge his business with the company. The business owner had built a more profitable and established business and wanted to understand both the viability of the potential merger and how the merger would be structured.


Mariner Capital Advisors was retained by the business owner to assist him in the potential merger and growth of his business. We provided a number of services to the business owner including:

  • Evaluating the investment proposal of the other company
  • Creating a confidential information memorandum (CIM) for the client’s business to present to the other company
  • Provide an overview of possible merger strategies for the two companies
  • Conduct an internal analysis of the value of the owner’s company and an assessment of the relative value of the other business in order to determine the target merger scenario


The other company ended up finding an outside investor to provide growth capital to its business, eliminating its desire to merge with our client. Though the merger did not come to fruition, our client still had growth aspirations. We provided an analysis of alternative growth strategies and recommendations for implementing future growth. Our client elected to create a unique growth model with our guidance and continued advice.


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